Jan 18th  mini-shoot
Feb 22nd  mini-shoot

*Apl 11  Registered  Genesee 500

*Sept 19th  Ironman Doubles 

Oct 10th  mini-shoot 

Nov 14th  mini-shoot  

Dec 19th  mini-shoot

​​​​Genesee Sportsmans Club will be opening Saturday, May 16, 2020.  
The safety of our employees, staff and club members is of utmost important to us and we have decided to institute precautionary policies to ensure a safe environment for all. We will be adhering to these policies. Please read them prior to shooting. 

• While at Genesee Sportsmans Club, all club members and employees will be required to maintain a social distancing of 6 feet between them and anyone that is not a member of their household. Please note that this includes the parking lot, the skeet fields, 5 stand area and also the picnic tables. 

If entering the clubhouse a protective face mask must be worn. 

• You will be required to prepay before all shooting and only one person per group will 

   be permitted to come inside to do so. We can split the bill up among multiple credit
   cards, if needed. We will have ammunition for purchase. Ear plugs are available. 

• Members will not be permitted to use the clubhouse for seating or lounging. 

• Members will not be permitted to bring guns, gun cases, shooting bags, or any other 

  gear into the clubhouse. Please use your vehicles for your staging areas. 

• Skeet Fields – skeet parties no larger than 4 with a 5th designated puller for the entire

• 5 Stand – Limited to a maximum of 4 people, one of them being a designated puller 
   and maintaining social distancing. 

• We have installed plexiglass at the cash counter for your and the employee protection. 

We will not be providing clip boards, score sheets or pencils due to not being able to properly sanitize these items. 

We ask that you bring your own gloves, disinfectant and whatever you deem necessary to protect you and your family. You are participating in an outdoor activity at your own risk due to the COVID-19 pandemic.